Mexican Gov’t Protests Shooting Of Illegal Alien

You have to love when a pissant country like Mexico is taking potshots at the US (from the Guardian)

The Mexican government sent a diplomatic note to the United States on Tuesday protesting the fatal shooting of a Mexican immigrant by a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

The note, presented by the Mexican Embassy in Washington, relayed “the Mexican government's firm condemnation'' of the shooting and its “serious concern over the recurrence of this type of incident,'' according to a Foreign Relations Department news release.

The diplomatic note underscored Mexico's demand that the U.S. conduct “an exhaustive investigation'' and punish whoever is responsible, the release said.

Francisco Javier Dominguez-Rivera, 22, of Puebla, Mexico, was killed Friday in a confrontation with the unidentified agent north of the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona between Bisbee and Douglas. (take a look at the map at that area. Rather barren)

"Immigrant." I wonder what type Francisco was

A group of seven people were crossing the desert and the agent took six of them into custody without incident, authorities said.

But the agent and Dominguez-Rivera began fighting, authorities said. The agent, who believed his life was in danger, shot and killed the man, the Border Patrol said previously. An autopsy was scheduled Wednesday.

Of course, no where in the article is it specifically mentioned that Francisco was an illegal alien, however, if he was crossing the desert, I would have to say with complete confidence that he Did Not Belong In The United States!

This story was in the Guardian, a UK paper. How long till the US news outlets pick it up and complain not about Mexico sending all their unemployed populations into the USA, but at American's, Border Agents, and George Bush, call them all bigots and such?

It is time to shut down the border for real. Sign the petition to Secure The Borders.

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6 Responses to “Mexican Gov’t Protests Shooting Of Illegal Alien”

  1. Ogre says:

    Can we send a diplomatic note instructing Mexico to come get all it’s people back that they sent here to take our money?

  2. Angel says:

    however, if he was crossing the desert, I would have to say with complete confidence that he Did Not Belong In The United States!…no doubt bout it Pirate..but the insanity goes on!!

  3. stiknstein says:

    In a statement inferred by The Department of Homeland Security:

    ” We want to assure the Mexican Government that those of us responsible for seeing that our immigration laws are NOT enforced, will now, and in the future, aggressively charge, convict, and incarcerate Border Agents as fast as we can. And furthermore, we will pursue any and all persons who attempt to enforce our laws with all the power the Federal Government can muster.

    We hope this will send a message to all Border Patrol Agents,
    You are not above the law…….
    ……….Only drug smugglers we grant immunity to, are above the law……
    and Meat packers,
    and landscapers…..
    restaurant workers,
    hotel chains and their employees….
    and agricultural workers……
    oh yeah…..Builders and construction workers are above the law,
    and nannies…..and the rich folks who hire them……
    and all seasonal businesses are above the law too…..
    and any business that participates in the basic pilot program…..
    and any city that chooses to make itself a sanctuary city…..
    and let’s not forget the thousands of poor struggling landlords and slumlords around the country…..
    and most Corporations (who have kept up with their campaign donations)…….
    and Congress, and the President….by not enforcing the law, have clearly established their right to be above the law as well…….

    Well that about covers ’em

  4. Exactly, y’all. It is high time for the damn elected critters to stand up and protect our country, and tell Mexico to piss off.

  5. Maggie says:

    How about we declare Mexico a hostile/terrorist nation and shoot anyone from there who doesn’t belong on THIS SIDE OF THE BORDER!

    I’m getting really tired of a third world country sticking it to us — obviously the definition of good neighbor loses something in translation.

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