DUmmies Concerned About Terrorists

Really, folks, you just cannot make this stuff up

To start out:

Whoa_Nelly – MSNBC Breaking: Suspected terrorists can be convicted on hearsay/coerced testimony

Per Pentagon statement.

No link yet. Just broke on TV.

on edit:
Media link (not MSNBC link yet..found this on Google News. Very short news item.)

Jan. 18, 2007, 12:23PM
Pentagon prepares for detainee trials

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has drafted a manual for upcoming detainee trials that would allow suspected terrorists to be imprisoned or put to death using hearsay evidence and coerced testimony.

Let the seethathon begin!

  • What? Tell that to any judge or trial lawyer. What happened to Rule of Law? (Nevermind, I don't need an answer for that…)
  • They are not talking about exceptions to the hearsay rule. There are rules place that have stood the test of time for centuries. Use those rules and let the Pentagon shove this kangaroo court shit up its collective ass.
  • That is SO illegal. n/t
  • Next they'll say defendents are guilty until proven innocent.
  • They already said that by putting them as 'enemy combatants'  and holding them until the "war is over." Unfortunately, with the Eternal War on Terror it is a death sentence without due process.
  • Under military law…defendants are assumed guilty until proven innocent.
  • Haven't that said that in so many ways already? These guys have essentially been convicted already and are being given no opportunity to prove that they are innocent.
  • This is unbelievable. Who do these people think they are? (they think they are the people that caught the terrorists on the battlefields of Afghanistan, wearing no uniforms, fighting in direct contradiction of the Geneva Convention, during a war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda that liberals supposedly supported.)
  • They think? What's horrible for me to think about is that this can affect every American. No burden of proof needed. (sure, if you give up your American citizenship and go fight against the USA)
  • Just like the Spanish Inquisition Or the Salem witch trials. (Last time I checked, they weren't real witches, and those held at G'itmo are real terrorist)
  • This can't stand. That's SO unconstitutional nt (what part of "not US citizens" was misunderstood?)

These "people" really do live in their own little world. But, wait!

  • This is BULLSHIT! How can the American people just stand by as the Bush Administration tramples the Constitution. Habeus Corpus is the basis of American law and Alberto Gonzales wants to get rid of it? When Habeus Corpus is abolished, there will be nothing of the legal system left. Now the Pentagon is saying that hearsay and coerced testimony is admissable in court. BULLSHIT! The Judicial and Legislative branches had better work swiftly and decisively to reverse the right-wing's all out assault on the Constitution, or the Great American Experiment will be over. (because most of us could give a rat's ass less about the "rights" of people who were involved with the group that killed 3000 of our fellow American's, who hoped they would kill 50K, on 9/11. Haveus Corpus applies to American's, BTW)
  • Democrats need to work at removing the MCA from law before the end of the one hundred hours. This whole farce needs to be undone, it was a capitulation to the executive by Republicans in the first place. Place detainees in detention centers in the USA, accord them the same protections given to domestic prisoners, and try them on terrorist offences (if needed) under US laws and in front of US juries. Grand juries need to deliver indictments or release those whose cases do not satisfy requirements. It's not like cases have never involved classified information before, people have been executed for spying charges before that involved national security. (they don't mind protecting the fake "rights" of the Muzzies, but, want to take them away from grassroots groups. Once the detainees are in detention centers, then the loons will want bail. And so on.)

Wacko's, pure wacko's.

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4 Responses to “DUmmies Concerned About Terrorists”

  1. beth says:

    I spent some time over at DU today. WOAH!! It’s mind-numbing. But it can be pretty entertaining.

    Like you said, you can’t make it up! lol

  2. beth says:

    I was just reading more of that. They really don’t understand the concept of that these are enemy combatants and not American citizens. They actually think these are just guys off the street who have been slammed in jail.

    They DO live in another reality.

  3. Yes, they can be very entertaining, once you get by the pure insanity 🙂

    It’s hard to know whether they truly believe in what they write, or if they have been conditioned and are spouting doctrine. Either way, they have zero grounding in reality, and do not really even know what they are talking about. They do not know the issues or facts.

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