Chuck Hagel Goes Surrender Monkey

Gee, this sort of talk will help Republicans win back Congress in 2008

U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel offered Thursday what might have been the harshest criticism to date of President Bush's plan to commit more troops to Iraq, calling the president's Wednesday night speech "the most dangerous foreign policy blunder carried out since Vietnam."

The remarks by Hagel, a Republican, followed his scathing rebuke Wednesday night of the Iraq plan. He called it a "dangerously wrongheaded strategy that will drive America deeper into an unwinnable swamp at great cost."

Part of the problem over the past few years was Republicans not standing up and supporting President Bush and Operation Iraqi Freedom, except for a few limited times. This was one of the causes of the low approval ratings for both W and the Republican Congress, and helped lead to the GOP's midterm losses.

Now, we have Hagel going from virtual silence to out right surrender monkey talk. Does Chuck have a better idea to win in Iraq? And, for my Liberal friends, what winning looks like is a stable, democratic Iraq, which is able to handle their own security affairs, and doesn't support WMD programs, geonocide, and mid east terrorism. That will allow us to leave.

Chuck is up for reelection in 2008. Perhaps the good people of Nebraska will send him packing in favor of a Republican who actually wants to support Conservative values, values which include winning.

Look who returns from hiatus to say hello to Chuck

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3 Responses to “Chuck Hagel Goes Surrender Monkey”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    Send an email to Hagel and inform him he may be a dhimmi candidiate for president but to forget the republican slot. I’ll remind him of the not one dime campaign that evidently cut the funds and the votes for several RINO’s who lost their seats, and in fact their a** since they don’t have a marketable trade to earn a living.

  2. I emailed him too, asking him what the hell he thought he was doing.

  3. David Drake says:

    Hagel has, unfortunately, become the “New McCain” in the eyes of the MSM.

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