Today’s Unhinged Liberal

You know, when I started reading a post by Lawrence O'Donnell at the Hufftard Post, I figured, based on history, that he would be the one most unhinged. Remember the Scarborough Country meltdowns? Unfortunately, the video of the "Liar!" one is no longer available. Shame. Remember the count?

I was curious, so I did a count of how many times Lawrence O'Donnell said "lies" "liar" or "lying."

46 total times in 10 min. 45 seconds (much of which he was not talking)

First 5:10 O'Donnell didn't speak
5:10-9:39: 6 times
10:55-12:25: 24 times
00:01-1:38: 7 times (beginning of second MP3 after break)
1:55-3:30: 9 times
(And I may have missed some due to crosstalk)

Ah, but another Lib beat him to the punch

As an life long democrat (liar),I no longer trust pelosi-reid, most democrats to do what voters want (liar); the immediate impeachment process of bush- cheny REGIME and an end to both 'wars' with our troops withdrawn in months ahead,not years,and an end to reckless fiscial spending (liar),like money for 'oil' wars and needed enforcment of all laws ,re-immigration,for only the 'legals' and throw the parasite-illegals out of the fucken country-now!! (liar)
There is lots to do and the first 100 hours are looking more like chickenshit 'fluff' (liar)monkey business-political posturing.Will Pelosi or reid actually view-read at our comments?Because the truth and reality (liar) are what huff posters talk about (liar),not political bullshit! (liar)
'shit or get off the pot' democrats and rebublicans, or america will take back our country (liar) by taking to the streets in the millions (liar),because both parties failed to do what we voters want (liar) done-now,not 100 hours or months from now.
Your time is up,motherfuckers,JUST DO IT!! (liar)

The rest of the comments tend to take the feeling that doing it 100 hours leaves 96 more weeks to impeach da monkey!

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