DUmmies Beyond Unhinged

Nothing like the execution of a deranged, murderous, meglomaniac to bring out the reality based community dressed in their finest (h/t pelosipress from Da Forum)

To start the thread: Goodby Daddy. It seems we punish the innocent in the cruelest way possible when we kill their loved ones. This is the #1 reason I am personally against the death penalty. Yes, Saddam committed heinous crimes, but he was also somebody's dad.

Followed by pictures of Saddam, the Butcher of Baghdad, with his daughters, all loving and sweet.


  • A courageous and deeply moral thing for you to say. Saddam was a bastard, but he was human, and his daughters harmed no one. There is nothing to celebrate in what has occurred here.
  • Saddam's daughter's request to visit him before his death was denied
  • that's what got me. SHE wasn't the one who committed human rights crimes. they couldn't let her spend a half-hour with him? he could tell her he loved her, and she could respond with the same? yeah, I KNOW he was bloody and brutal. I just don't know why they had to punish her as well.
  • You know what…I wish I could give Saddam's daughters a hug and tell them I'm sorry for what we've done. They're people too, Goddammit. Honestly, I'm so sorry.
  • then let's send them good vibes. I, for one, will include the entire family in my prayers tonight. (but, won't pray for the safety of Americans, particularly our troops, I'm sure)
  • poor Saddam I mourn the death of American principles. The only defense we have of our actions is: "Might makes Right". Which is the basic principle Saddam governed by, so, the only difference between Saddam and GWB is GWB "won" and Saddam "lost". I think the "cosmic moral scores" of GWB and Saddam are quite comparable.
  • Why yes, Daddy Dearest did do that very thing.He was a monster — but he was also "our" monster once Lest we forget our country's part in this travesty.

    I'm no longer exactly in favor of the death penalty, but I shed no tears for Saddam, any more than I would for Pol Pot or Josef Stalin.

    I reserve my grief for my country and the Iraqis, that my nation has fallen on such dark days and under such leadership as the Neocons.

    Saddam Hussein should have gone to the international tribunals, and his crimes should have been investigated in full. Instead, to cap the illegal invasion of Iraq, we have an incomplete trial — complete with assassinated judges and lawyers — and send Saddam's secrets to his grave with him.

    Tell me how this makes sense.

Fortunately, there are some DUmmies who understand what a vile, disgusting post it was, and said so. I have to think that a large portion of the really unhinged have left the DU for greener pastures, such as the Hufftard Post.

I find this thread disturbingly sentimental and I am and always have been profoundly against the death penalty. Furthermore, I was disgusted by the show trial and circus lynching of Saddam Hussein, but painting his as someone's daddy is a little bit much. Yes, he was someone's daddy, but as others pointed out, he was responsible for the deaths of thousands of daddies- and mommies and children. Yet I have rarely if ever, seen any sympathy expressed on DU for those people. That you choose to sympathize with his pampered daughters, going so far as to post touchingly sentimental pictures of him with his daughters, portraying him so tenderly, without any apparent concern of the hundred of thousand he is responsible for killing, is beyond my ken. And just in case you've forgotted, Saddam killed the husbands of his 2 daughters after vowing that he wouldn't.

Just puke. I'll spend my sympathies elsewhere.

Way to go, cali!

Included in this post was the typical Bush bashing, in this case, who killed more daddies, Bush or Saddam, with the consensus being Bush.

How about the Saddam Body Count?

This is part of what Saddam did. Not just daddies, but mommies and children.

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3 Responses to “DUmmies Beyond Unhinged”

  1. linda says:

    I read an article about one of his daughters–whose husband Saddam killed, being called “Little Saddam” and having a hot temper which she freely expresses. She likes to spend a lot of money, nothing is ever good enough for her and people who have to deal with her are afraid of her. Sounds like Daddy’s little girl! I’d like to see someone try to give her a hug!

  2. They are some sick puppies.

  3. Scrapiron says:

    The partial results of poor little Saddam whom the democrats love so much. http://www.9neesan.com/massgraves/ Everyone who get an email from me will get this link until the DU dummies quit complaining. Maybe it’s time for President Bush to aquire a wood chipper and give the dem’s a live demonstration.

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