Christian Military Officers As Dangerous As Terrorists

Seriously. I'm not kidding. That is what one group, who you know votes Democrats, states

Christian military officers who share their faith at work in the Pentagon pose a threat to national security, according to a group that advocates for religious neutrality in the military.

Public displays of faith by high-ranking military officers project an image of a Christian nation waging war on non-Christians, both inside and outside the United States, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation said Monday.

This created an "internal national security issue every bit as great as the one we're fighting outwardly," said the organization's president, Mikey Weinstein.

Simply amazing. A group whose name says religious freedom, who is attempting to take away the very freedom to be religious. And, even more amazing, the groups leader doesn't even understand the 1st Amendment, though that is truly nothing new for the religion haters

Their professions of faith violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, which prohibits Congress from making laws "respecting the establishment of religion," Weinstein argued.

What he is discussing is military officers appearing in a Christian video in uniform. Somehow he equates that with Congress passing a law. Rediculous. Congress may pass no law respecting or denying religion. Period.

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2 Responses to “Christian Military Officers As Dangerous As Terrorists”

  1. Maggie says:

    Libs (and atheists) don’t want to “get it” — they just want religion GONE!

  2. Except for the Religion of Liberalism, of course

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