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Dems Hate The Death Penalty?

Well, only when it is being applied to gangland killers and pedophiles. But, when it is US soldiers who are having their case recommended for the death penalty, things change. I hate to return for a second day to the fever swamps, but, too good to ignore: Let's check and see how Arianna's little loon crew […]

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As The Leak Trickles

Linda Chavez, writing at the Washington Times, provides a nice little wrap up on "the scandal that wasn't no matter how much the liberals wanted it to be." So now we know. The man behind the leak of former CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity was not presidential adviser Karl Rove, nor Vice President Dick Cheney's […]

Hillary For President?

The Washington Post had an article in which Hils was touting women for president. Of course, we know she is talking about herself. But, how do the folks who really run the Dem Party, the nutroots folks, feel about this? Let's visit the DUmmies * Britney Spears please anyone but Hilary. * Barbara Boxer would be great! […]

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