Hillary For President?

The Washington Post had an article in which Hils was touting women for president. Of course, we know she is talking about herself. But, how do the folks who really run the Dem Party, the nutroots folks, feel about this?

Let's visit the DUmmies

  • * Britney Spears please anyone but Hilary.
  • * Barbara Boxer would be great! nt
  • * Yeah, a REAL woman would be a very nice change But not the sort of saber-rattling male-wannabe I think she's referring to.
  • * great, as long as it's not her..
  • * We're not giving you our votes, you warmonger And we know that even war supporters like you will not get our votes. Go home Hilary. You can't do anything right. I'll vote for Woolsey or Lee or Kaptur or anyone but you.
  • * We should have Hillary head the Ministry of Silly Walks nt
  • * That's fine, as long as it is not prowar Hillary. nt

This is the typical nutroots census when it comes to Hillary for president. I'm surprised they didn't put someone up to run against her in NY, ala Joe Leiberman.

Will they vote for her if she does get the DNC nomination in 2008?

  • * look. we all know we'd vote for her if she actually ran.
  • * What's all this "we all" stuff? I wouldn't and no progressive I know would.
  • * Bullshit. I have a conscience. I will never vote for a prowar candidate.

What the nutroots mean is they won't vote for someone who supports the Iraq war, though some mean any war. Either way, that involves almost every single Democrat in the House, who voted not to cut and run, when they were pushed to stand up and *gasp* vote.

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