As The Leak Trickles

Linda Chavez, writing at the Washington Times, provides a nice little wrap up on "the scandal that wasn't no matter how much the liberals wanted it to be."

So now we know. The man behind the leak of former CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity was not presidential adviser Karl Rove, nor Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, who is under indictment for allegedly obstructing the investigation into the leak and lying to investigators.

Doesn't matter, the loons still believe something else happened there. They live on conspiracy theories like other people live on oxygen.

Mr. Corn deserves recognition for reporting what turns out to be an inconvenient fact. It can't please him that the investigative trail in the Plame leak led not to hardliners in the West Wing but to a high-placed dove in Foggy Bottom. But I'm not ready to take my hat off to Mr. Corn just yet. His new revelations really beg for a mea culpa for having got it wrong in the first place when he alleged, shortly after the leak, that "there is evidence Bushies used classified information and put the nation's counter-proliferation efforts at risk merely to settle a score." Yet, Mr. Corn has decided to use the publication of the exculpatory information to reassert, once again, his attacks on the Bush White House.

Read the rest. It looks like Corn is once again trying to create a conspiracy where none exists, just like when he pushed the story the first time. I guess this is another case of "fake but accurate." Silly libs.

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  1. KURU Lounge says:

    The New York Times on Richard Armitage Take 2…

    Why was there an investigation? Even before Patrick Fitzgerald took up his role as a Special Prosecutor in this matter Armitage identity was apparently known… Both of these accounts idicate a willingness to (basically) lie, in order to preserve po…..

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