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Iraqi’s Take Responsibility For Security in North

Guess what? I did not find this information anywhere in the MSM (from Defense Link) Continual training with coalition forces has increased the capabilities of the Iraqi army and police in northern Iraq and allowed the local forces to take responsibility for more territory and work toward the future of the country, the U.S. commander […]

More Surrender Monkeys On Sept 11th

They are really starting to come out of the woodwork now WASHINGTON, Sept. 8 /U.S. Newswire/ — Thousands of people in churches, Quaker meetings, and community groups across the country will join together on Sept. 11 to ask Congress to reject the failed policies of the "war on terror" and develop a new approach to […]

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TrackBack Friday, Featuring The DNC Surrender Monkey! 9/8/06

It’s that time of the week again! Do you have an interesting post you want to share with everyone? The official Surrender Monkey of the Democratic Party says to do what the Lefties don’t, since they all have the same talking points: link it! Today, Surrendy points us to a story that Gaius picked up on, […]

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