Iraqi’s Take Responsibility For Security in North

Guess what? I did not find this information anywhere in the MSM (from Defense Link)

Continual training with coalition forces has increased the capabilities of the Iraqi army and police in northern Iraq and allowed the local forces to take responsibility for more territory and work toward the future of the country, the U.S. commander in the area said today.

“In an area of responsibility that exceeds 47,000 square miles, we have leveraged the full spectrum of assets in order to engage the population and neutralize the enemy,” Army Maj. Gen. Thomas R. Turner, commander of Multinational Division North, said in a news conference via satellite from Iraq. “Iraqi security forces have taken the fight to the terrorists and insurgents throughout Multinational Division North. Numerous combined and increasingly Iraqi-only operations continue to disrupt the enemy's decision-making process and disrupt their freedom of movement.”

A year ago, only one Iraqi army battalion was in the lead in the north, but today, 35 battalions, eight brigades and two divisions have assumed the lead and have been assigned an area of operations, Turner said. The majority of all operations in the region are led by the Iraqi army, he said, and the logistics and sustainment capabilities of the army are developing.

Will Democrats discuss what good news this is? Na, they will probably just say this is part of W's "failed policy in Vietraq."

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2 Responses to “Iraqi’s Take Responsibility For Security in North”

  1. Yea, I saw this earlier today too while surfing defenselink.

    MSM reaction:

    *chirp* *chirp*

  2. beth says:

    Wonderful news!

    The same people who pulled defeat out of victory in Vietnam are attempting to do the same now, using the same tactics. They just can’t support America or her troops no matter what they do.

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