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Clintonistas: Freedom Of Speech Only Applies When We Say

You have to love liberals. They cannot stand it when someone criticizes them. They love to dish it out, but are pure woosies when the shoe is on the other foot. And the will whine to the point that they want to stifle Free Speech: A "terribly wrong" miniseries about events leading to the Sept. […]

T – 4

Michelle Malkin has a look at the difference between what the Left and the Right are doing to commemorate 9/11. While most of us are participating in the 2,996 Project, the DUmmies are going to google bomb over the 9/11 movie that is critical of Slick. Matter of fact, that would be about the only […]

Iraq Assumes Control II And Linkfest

And a happy Thursday to all. Did you know that Iraq is assuming control of their military forces today? I had mentioned the other day that this was going to happen in September, and now the Drive By Media chimes in: Iraq's government takes command of its armed forces from the U.S.-led coalition Thursday, a […]

Stop The ACLU: Bush Gutting Geneva Convention For Terrorists, Says ACLU

From the official Stop The ACLU blogburst by Jay.  It isn’t suprising that the ACLU were quick to react to Bush’s jaw dropping speech admitting to secret CIA prisons and pushing Congress to pass legislation that would put captured terror suspects under the rule of a military tribunal. Via ACLU: America is a nation dedicated […]

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