Iraq Assumes Control II And Linkfest

And a happy Thursday to all. Did you know that Iraq is assuming control of their military forces today? I had mentioned the other day that this was going to happen in September, and now the Drive By Media chimes in:

Iraq's government takes command of its armed forces from the U.S.-led coalition Thursday, a milestone American officials have hailed as crucial to the country's difficult road to independence and eventual withdrawal of foreign troops.

Of course, in the next paragraph, and several others, the AP tries to paint a picture of a country in civil war. Par for the course.

Anyhow, this is a great milestone, and a big step forward for full Iraq sovreignity, and for the Coalition forces to begin the withdrawl according to plan. Which the Democrats will certainly gurgle from the roofs as a sign of BushCo's failed policies.

But, don't tell CNN. They are headlining that it is months to avert collapse. Zip on the transfer of power. And I am sure Katie C. will have a story on when Britney is due.

MSNBC has the story, but it is buried, despite being front page news, being that it is a "gigantic step." Huh? They won't put good news from Iraq on the front page? Who knew.

No real point in checking the other Left leaning media, we know how that will work.

Wizbang has more.

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8 Responses to “Iraq Assumes Control II And Linkfest”

  1. Stacy says:

    Even more proof that you are indeed “the man”. 😉


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  5. bernie says:

    I linked to you from TT – 13 things France this Thursday

    but you may have too many junk tbs ahead of me.

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