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Howie Dean On 9/11

I guess Howie "I have a scream" Dean wasn't satisfied with his earlier 9/11 message. Seems he had to send another one out in email, perhaps thinking that no one would notice. Certainly, Conservatives wouldn't know the secret trick on how to sign up for DNC emails. (To be honest, I have no clue how […]

April Fooler Creates 9/11 Memorial

I wonder how long it will be till Braying Asses desecrate it? BUENA VISTA, Va. – Mark Cline, a self-described entertainer known for his elaborate April Fool's jokes, got serious with his latest project. Cline took two 40-foot storage containers, painted them white, and adorned them with yellow ribbon and American flags to represent the […]

9/11 Plus 5: A Tribute

[gv data=”O5qZCdMpz2o”][/gv] This is the higher definition version. The lower res version is here. For those who are unable to access YouTube at work, here is a Google Vids version. Beth at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has a great roundup of 9/11 videos. Linked to Michelle Malkin, Basil’s Bloggrolling, Stop The ACLU, Blue Star […]

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