Daily Archives: September 13, 2006

Air Deadbeat Bankrupt?

  That is what Think Progress (?) is reporting, according to a tip from Jay at Stop The ACLU. You just know that this is going to somehow be blamed on the GOP and a "neocon" conspiracy. Interestingly, I was listening to Air America Deadbeat off an on throughout the day while testing a new phone and […]

Jihad Jeopardy

I reckon y'all really need to head on over to that thar bRight (I get it!) & Early place, and check out Jihad Jeopardy. Some answers from Pirate's Cove: *Know Your Curvy Swords: what would be a scimitar (or cutlass) *The Dixie Chicks And Other Women Who, Although They Won't Cover Themselves, Are Cool With Us: […]

We Need Government Why?

From WRAL in Raleigh, NC Nearly 60 Raleigh solid waste workers announced Wednesday that they will not go out on their trash routes. The workers are holding a stand-in at 40 W. Peace Street. The workers said they are upset about a dispute with management regarding overtime. They also said they will refuse to go […]

WTW: America Weakly 9/7/07

Morning, y'all, Jebediah here. What say we jump almost a year in the future and read the Democratic magazine, America Weakly The early 1960s standard “What a Difference a Day Makes” comes to mind when taking stock of what the Democrats have accomplished during the first eight months of 2007. A lover’s confession, the song […]

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