Jihad Jeopardy

I reckon y'all really need to head on over to that thar bRight (I get it!) & Early place, and check out Jihad Jeopardy.

Some answers from Pirate's Cove:

  • *Know Your Curvy Swords: what would be a scimitar (or cutlass)
  • *The Dixie Chicks And Other Women Who, Although They Won't Cover Themselves, Are Cool With Us: did someone mention naked ladies? (gee, that should screw up the spam :))
  • *Names Without "Muhammad" In Them: who would be Teach, Jebediah, Long Dong Silver
  • *Rights Denied To Women By God: what would be the ability to lean against a wall while peeing drunkenly. Cannot really use the toilet tank when settin.
  • *Infamous Infidels: who would be Rusty, Teach, anyone not Progressive
  • *Name That Cab Driver: who is Salaami Salaami, Hockmed, Doyouspekindenles
  • *Famous Muslim Last Names Containing Less Than 23 Consonants: there are none.
  • *Lionel Richie Songs That Go Perfect with Beheadings: what would be Hello and Dancing on the ceiling
  • *U.S. Presidents. . . Who Will Die Boiling In A Cauldron Of Oil Heated By The Fires Of Hell: who would be Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.
  • *Toys And Games That Children Can Be Beheaded For Playing With: what would be Anotomically Correct Barbie, sans Burka
  • *Airports With Really Lame Security: what would be Atlanta
  • *Sand, Sand, Everywhere Sand: what would be Progressive back yards
  • *Why All Americans Must Die: what would be this example
  • *Convenience Store Owners Who Look Like That Iranian President Guy: who would be most in the North East
  • *Rhymes With Hezbollah: what is Democrats
  • *Wars In The History Of Man Not Started By The Jews: what is The War Of The Roses.
  • *Smells Like Shiite:what would be the Democratic Underground
  • *Famous Well-Endowed Dictators: who would be Hillary Clinton
  • *Maniacal Mullahs: who would be Howard Dean
  • *Things That Make You Declare Jihad: what would be Newsweek  

I tell ya, it is hard being a redneck Islamic. The mainstay of Southern food is barbecue, which is a noun, not a verb.

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