WTW: America Weakly 9/7/07

Morning, y'all, Jebediah here. What say we jump almost a year in the future and read the Democratic magazine, America Weakly

The early 1960s standard “What a Difference a Day Makes” comes to mind when taking stock of what the Democrats have accomplished during the first eight months of 2007. A lover’s confession, the song speaks of stormy skies and blue moods but then goes on to proclaim, “What a difference a day makes, twenty four little hours … and the difference is you.” Here in Washington, as lawmakers come back from their Summer recess, we salute the Democrat-led Congress for the work they’ve done and the difference they’re making every day on behalf of real Americans.

Last summer, no one was sure that the Democrats had what it takes to overcome the Republicans and take control of Congress. Yet, here we are observing their handiwork: Stopping the President from installing another right-wing conservative to replace John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court; debunking the notion that tax cuts are good and spreading the idea that less in your pocket can mean more in your heart; getting government oversight back into the doctor-patient relationship; mending fences with the United Nations; expanding firearms restrictions; getting closer to pulling the plug on Iraq; and finally seeing impeachment proceedings against President Bush begin in the House Judiciary Committee.

It goes without saying that there are still significant legislative and political obstacles ahead, given the Democrats’ slim majorities in the House and Senate and the fact that a Republican still occupies the White House. We cannot yet overcome a Bush veto, and that has slowed some of our progress. But there’s a real sense that things are changing for everyday American families. There’s a tangible optimism out there that’s been largely lacking for the better part of 12 years. If you go out beyond the Beltway and talk to typical people in places like Berkeley, Santa Fe, Burlington and Northampton, there’s a feeling that America is coming back. There’s a feeling that America is starting to heal and this in itself is as important as the progress we’ve seen in Washington over the past eight months.

Of course there are some on the left who feel that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi aren’t fighting hard enough for real Democrat principles, and at times we’ve shared this frustration. Eric Smith, the Executive Director of the Campaign for Renewed and United Democrats, captured this sentiment recently right here in the Weakly when he remarked, “We’ve made progress, but are we really being truly progressive? There needs to be a progressive paradigm shift where real questions are asked. How much should taxes be increased? How can we best spend those taxpayer dollars? Why do the insurgents and freedom fighters of the Middle East dislike America so much, and is our presence in the Middle East an impediment to peace and global progress?” Our counsel to Eric and others who share his sentiment is not to fret. We’ll get there. For the moment, just sit back and take heart that the USS America is back on course.

In one important way, progressive grassroots activists and Democrat leaders are on the same page: they know that this ship won’t truly arrive in port until a Democrat once again resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Which leads us to ponder a different song as we peer ahead to a cold January night a little less than a year and a half in the future. In the first second that you hear the opening guitar and piano chords, you’ll recognize this one. It’s a song about redemption and the future. In a nutshell, don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone.

That's what a Democratic Congressional majority would look like. Will you be voting this November?

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