Howie Dean On 9/11

I guess Howie "I have a scream" Dean wasn't satisfied with his earlier 9/11 message. Seems he had to send another one out in email, perhaps thinking that no one would notice. Certainly, Conservatives wouldn't know the secret trick on how to sign up for DNC emails. (To be honest, I have no clue how I got on the list, but it really isn't hard.)

Dear William,

Today we remember many things. (but no mention of 9/11)

We remember where we were. We remember the scenes on television. (which they rarely show)

We remember the victims who were murdered. We remember the families and loved ones they left behind. (Not on Lefty sites, unless it is for BDS purposes. You plainly confused those on the Right who participated in the 2,996 Project with your own loons)

We remember the heroes who charged into danger to save lives. (John Kerry as he was frozen for 45 minutes in the Congressional building?)

We remember a moment of unity at home and around the world, where people rallied around a single mission and a common sense of justice that must be done. (That lasted about a week tops, before the lefty conspiracy nuts started yapping)

Today we face many challenges at home and abroad. And too often it's too easy to be distracted by the politics, the pundits, and the posturing. (Not nice talking about the party you head like that)

We must always remember that the dangers we face know no political party, and the solutions and leadership we need now go beyond ideology. (Abortions for all!!!!!)

We must meet these challenges head-on — remembering to stand together in action as we live together under threat. We are all Americans. (Did I mention Americans deserve abortions?)

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." (Somehow, I doubt he was referring to surrender and abortions)

We will not be silent. (Like you have been? WTF?)

Today we remember many things. (Still no mention of 9/11)

And tomorrow, back on the campaign trail, we will remember to take with us the plain truth and a commitment to true justice for all those whose lives were transformed on this day five years ago. (We'll tell you our plan if we win in 2006. Till then, complaints will suffice.)

Thank you. (Give us money)

Governor Howard Dean, M.D. (I wasn't aware he was still Governor of Vermont)

But don't say they politicize 9/11. Definately don't, since they refuse to actually mention it.

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