Dems Hate The Death Penalty?

Well, only when it is being applied to gangland killers and pedophiles. But, when it is US soldiers who are having their case recommended for the death penalty, things change. I hate to return for a second day to the fever swamps, but, too good to ignore:

Let's check and see how Arianna's little loon crew feels. Some are still against the DP, but…..

  • * hang em…and hang em high. and the ones that raped the 14 year old girl….well, eye for an eye dude. shock and AWEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  • * One way or the other….I DON'T SUPPORT THE TROOPS KILL THEM ALL. IF THAT DON'T KILL THEM LET THEM ROT WHEN THEY COME HOME WITHOUT HEALTH OR MENTAL CARE. And for those who met their rightful fate as war criminals, I encourage you to join me and go spit, shit and piss on their graves or any combination thereof… (this is part of along rant, probably a cut and paste, which includes a raised middle finger. Can't miss it, and shouldn't.)
  • * Death or life at hard labor.
  • * The american military has been trained to kill its own people in the near future. Gestapo style. I have lost all bonds for the military folks. They are become vicious. Are they bribed by millions? The soldiers should be sentenced to death penalty although I am not a supporter of the same. (got that?)
  • * Capital Punishment; If it was good enough for Jesus…
  • * May those troops all rot in hell. If they don't know right from wrong then they deserve everything they get. This 'support the troops' bullshit is getting old.
  • * Good post, I agree wholeheartedly. (this was in response to the "One way or the other" post highlighted above, by a Huff Puff poster pithily named BeheadBushPlease)

Just par for the course with the Leftards.

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2 Responses to “Dems Hate The Death Penalty?”

  1. JAF says:

    Thanks for posting that. Some people are just bastards.

  2. linda says:

    Easy to see what the mental patients are doing with their time! Totally disgusting comments!

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