Fox News Crew: Family Relieved They’re Alive

There is finally starting to be some media coverage of kidnapped Fox News reporter Steve Centanni and cameraman Olaf Wiig. I guess in today's media there has to be video for them to take notice:

The family of a New Zealand camerman kidnapped in Gaza have said they are relieved to see that he and a colleague are still alive. An unknown militant group, the Holy Jihad Brigades, has released a video of Olaf Wiig, 36, and Fox News correspondent Steve Centanni, 60. The captors are demanding the release of all Muslim prisoners held by the US.

A statement from the Wiig family said: "We are relieved to have it confirmed that Olaf and Steve are alive and well and we wait anxiously for their release."

How soon till the American Left demands, DEMANDS, I tell you, what the Holy Jihad Brigades wants? Hell, the Democrats already want all the prisoners at Club G'itmo, who were captured on the battlefield in Afghanistan (you know, the country that was harboring Bin Laden and Al Queda), to be released. That way they can go kill more Americans, so the Democrats can say that BushCo is failing in the war on terror. Rather nuanced, eh?

Hot Air has the video.

Update: Hot Air also has some information on some "promising signs."

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