The Governator Goes Green

All in all, I respect Ahhhnold for being environmentally responsible and respective. However, Ahhhnold, along with the California legislature, is making a play that could destroy, or at least seriously diminish, California's economy

California is forging ahead with the most aggressive U.S. program to reduce global warming — a plan that pits Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger against fellow Republican George W. Bush.

Both the governor and his state's Democratic-led legislature want to make California — the world's eighth largest economy — a model to follow with caps in greenhouse gas emissions that the U.S. president rejects.

State politicians still are hammering out differences over the proposed Global Warming Solutions Act. If passed, it is likely to play a role in November's vote for governor and in national politics for years to come.

Schwarzenegger — branded "very green for a Republican" by the conservation group Sierra Club — became an overnight hero for environmentalists a year ago by setting a goal to cut California's emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

Meanwhile, what is missing is details. What wil the Global Warming Soultions Act actually do? If it is modeled on the Kyoto Protocol, it will include draconian measures which will harm business, and do nothing to deal with the real causes of global warming: the Sun and natural Earth processes. Not that anything can really be done about those two.

And, when push comes to shove, the GWSA will be a failure, much like Kyoto, a treaty in which most members aren't even close to being in compliance with, regarding reduction of CO2 levels. But the damage to California's economy will be done.

The California Chamber of Commerce and business groups say the global warming bill is bad for the economy because it will drive up energy prices and send companies running to less regulated places — similar arguments used by Bush to pull out of the 160-nation Kyoto Protocol to reduce global warming.

First, it is not a good idea to upset Chambers of Commerce, especially the state level one.

Second, Mary Millikin, the story author, repeats a bold faced lie from the Leftists. President Bush never signed Kyoto, Nor did President Clinton. The Senate voted 95-0 against Kyoto during Clinton's presidency. Clinton understood it was a dud, and refused to call the press for a Rose Garden signing. Gore symbolically signed it, but that has the same force of law as Gore announcing he is the Emporer of the Moon.

So, Ms Millikin either did not do her job in researching the story in full, has an agenda, and/or lied on purpose. Al-Reuters apparently still thinks it can get away with faking the news.

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4 Responses to “The Governator Goes Green”

  1. Stacy says:

    We all know that we do indeed impact our planet; not to the scale that most greenies would like for us to believe; but yes, it’s there. California, according to everything I’ve read, has a struggling economy. Can they really afford a move such as this? How many businesses leave there on a daily basis in order to find a state with less regulations? Kyoto was bad, everyone knew it; guess no lessons were learned.

    And for the sake of all that is holy, get Pamela out of your blogroll.

  2. the Pirate says:

    I love how every article about global warming cites “Bush pulled out of the Kyoto Protocal” completely ignoring the fact the senate voted 95-0 stating they would not ratify it unless it included third world nations like China and India while Al Gore was negotiating it. Oh and betond that completely forgetting that no matter what Bush says the Senate still has to ratify it. What are these people? Friggin retarded?

    As for Arnold…well her goes the tax base, sure my line of work will make money off of this, BUT will get assraped for the profits to make up budget shortfalls.

  3. Sage says:

    Another opportunity to see the “golden state” start to crumble. These people out there running California are all missing quite a few marbles and business sense.
    Good luck Ahhhnold.

  4. It is sad that the “Global warming is caused by man” people live in their own little worlds. They will end up destroying Ca.’s economy, which will harm the US, and even the world, for an idea that is a feeling, not a fact.

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