Peace Activist Murdered By Palestinian. DU: Eh

Here's a little ditty that I have left up on the PC since this morning from the DUmmies. It was originally posted at 10:20am, EST. The story is about a peace activist, murdered by a Palestinian, as stated

Angelo Frammartino, a 24 year-old student from Italy who arrived in Israel as a human rights organization activist, was stabbed to death Thursday by an Arab knifeman.

"He believed in what he did and was always ready to help others," a friend described him.

The website of Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera reported that Frammartino was working for the setting up of a children's supper camp for Palestinians in Jerusalem's Old City, and was supposed to return to Italy on Friday.

It is believed that the attack was a nationalistically motivated terror attack, and not an attempted robbery.

Kudo's to Cali at the DU for posting the story originally, and for her comment "sad story."

But, what about the other DUmmies?

The first comment was: "it is sad. but since it wasn't Israel that killed her, it will probably get few mentions here." And, that commenter was correct. A total of 5 comments, which included one response by Cali, and one which was annoyed over the first comment.

The first commenter was completely correct.

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