Iran: Disarming Hezbollah “Illogical”

And in an amazing coincidence, Iran sounds much like the American Left

TEHRAN (Reuters) -Iran welcomed on Sunday a planned ceasefire to halt the month-long war between Lebanon's Hizbollah and Israel but described the U.N. Security Council's call for disarming the Iranian-backed group as "illogical."

The U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution on Friday calling for a "full cessation of hostilities" and for the implementation of a previous U.N. resolution requiring the disarming of armed groups including Hizbollah.

"We are happy for the ceasefire in Lebanon. But the resolution is not balanced," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told a weekly news conference.

"It does not condemn the Zionist regime (Israel) and its crimes in Lebanon."

Rather then bloviate, how about examples?

From the Huff Puff

  • There will never be peace in the middle east until the entire world realizes that Jewish Supremacism IS the problem.
  • I don't know about military victory, but as far as I'm concerned, Israel has already lost. Many former Israel sympathizers, like me, now consider Israel a mindless killing machine
  • Israel will simply try to kill as many civilians as possible before leaving. They are utter failures. There atempted Genocide worked as well as Hitlers. Ya would think they would have learned something from ww2…. I wonder how it will be for Israel now that they no longer can play the poor us. were the victoms of an attempted genocide card. Now that they have attempted there own Genocide…..
  • There is absolutely no Hezbollah and Al Qaeda. This war is created to have dominion over middle east region.

Probably more, but tired of going through all the off topic troll posts, including from wackjob 911wasaninsidejob.

How about the DUmmies?

  •  israel has shown time and again that it plays by no rules but its own…expect the ceasefire/truce to be immediately and repeatedly broken by israel.
  •  Liars and butchers  Just what you'd expect from neocon killers in Israel's government, or in ours–sorry for bordering on redundancy there.

Just a few quick points. Y'all know how the Hard Left works.

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