The Left Is Alike The World Over

And it looks like Israel has their own surrender monkeys on the Left

The decision Friday to expand IDF operations in Lebanon met with severe criticism from the Left wing. Chairman of Meretz-Yahad Yossi Beilin said the move was "a prize for Hizbullah."

"I hope Olmert and Peretz's decision is part of the arm-twisting on the eve of the security council decision (on a ceasefire). If the ground operation is indeed stretched to the Litani, the result will be long weeks of exhaustive warfare," Beilin said.

Chairman of the Meretz faction Zahav Galon defined the decision as "hasty and thoughtless."

"This decision was a surrender to the army's agenda to expand the war process instead of waiting for a diplomatic victory," Galon said.

Could have been spoken by Fat Ted, John Kerry, Nance Pelosi, Hugo Chavez, or Jaques Chirac. SMs will be SMs, regardless of country.

Let's hope these SMs don't get control in Israel.

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One Response to “The Left Is Alike The World Over”

  1. Chicagoray says:

    It is sure a new low if that is possible for the United Nations when they negotiate cease fires on behalf of terrorist organizations that provoke wars with member states.

    I am extremely disappointed in all involved with this deal most particularly our own government.

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