France Preemptively Surrenders Israel

Heard about this last night on Fox News, but screwed the posting up. Set it for September, instead of the 9th Sealed 

France has changed parts of the UN resolution, and is now demanding that Israel completely and unconditionally withdraw from Lebanon.

Hmm. The US is trying to spread democracy throughout the ME region. France is trying to spread surrender.

The United States and France appeared at odds Wednesday over Arab demands to change a U.N. resolution they are co-sponsoring to call for a complete cessation of Israeli-Hezbollah hostilities and withdrawal of Israeli forces, diplomats said.

France proposed new language on a total cease-fire and Israeli pullout, but the Americans rejected it out of concern that without a robust international force, a vacuum would be created in southern Lebanon, a Hezbollah stronghold, the diplomats said.

Geez, I cannot seem to find the part about the Hezzies doing anything more then supposedly standing down and having a latte' with the UN observers.

Of course, Israel has opened a big ole can of woop ass on the Hezzies.

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