Care To See Your Personal Information?

Do ya? Give me your name, and I can find your address, current and past ones, your date of birth, your phone number, maybe even your work address.

How about a link directly to a background check on you? Property, 20 year history, criminal. Even a satellite photo of where you live.

Sound intruiging? Or disturbing?

Well, then check ZabaSearch. And prepare to be disturbed.

You can attempt to opt out using this email address, [email protected]. You can also click the "terms" at the bottom of the page, and follow the links. Only after you have searched a name, though.

Thanks to Sal (Grandpa98) for the hat tip.

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One Response to “Care To See Your Personal Information?”

  1. The Game says:

    Well done on the blog. I am always looking for smart conservatives to come over to my blog and leave some comments. I will definately put this one in my favorites list…stop by and leave a comment.

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