In-State Tuition For Illegals? WTF!

The Senate immigration Bill just continues to get worse and worse. Or should that be dumb and dumber? (from the World Peace Herald.)

The immigration bill now under consideration in the Senate would grant even a broader amnesty to illegal aliens than similar legislation did in 1986, conservatives say, and would make hundreds of thousands of illegal residents eligible for in-state tuition at public colleges and universities. 
“It should be called ‘No Illegal Alien Left Behind,’ ” said Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican.

Rediculous! In essence, this Bill would force taxpayers to foot much of the bill for (former) law breakers to go to State schools. I am appalled. Governor Easley of NC has tried this tactic, and the backlash was immense.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat and primary author of the bill, defends the program. 
“All undocumented immigrants deserve this chance,” he said. “But only those who pay the stiff fines, work for six years, pay their taxes, learn English and pass a civics test will be permitted to remain in the United States.”

And, six years after paying the fines, the bloated beauracracies will have lost track of the “undocumented immigrants,” and they certainly will not have learned English and passed a civics test. Kennedy probably couldn’t pass a civics test. Though he could certainly pass the swimming test at most colleges. Though not the free diving class.

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