SUV Was Chapel Hill Terrorist’s 2nd Choice

Will the NY Times cover this? (via the Raleigh News and Observer)

A letter police found in Mohammed Taheri-Azar’s bedroom said he wanted to kill Americans but that driving a rented sport utility vehicle through a crowded campus plaza was not his first choice.

With family members sitting behind the 22-year-old, sometimes crying on one another’s shoulders, a police investigator read the typed letter during a hearing Friday in Orange County District Court.

“I would instead use a handgun to murder the citizens and residents of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but the process of receiving a permit for a handgun in this city is highly restricted and out of my reach at present, most likely due to my foreign nationality,” university police Investigator Matthew Dodson read. (emphasis mine)

Will the Drive By Media be pissed off that a podunk newspaper (at least in their eyes, since Raleigh, though voting mostly Dem, is in a Flyover State) scooped them? Again?

Now, folks might look at that and say “hey, the Liberal policies for gun laws worked!” Maybe. But it really isn’t that hard to get a gun license here. Unless you are a seething wackadoodle hell bent on killing infidels.

So, what did the Times have to say? Well, their last story was on Friday the 24th, and was all about the family of the attempted murdering terrorist being a nice guy:

 Relatives of a man accused of trying to run down college students in a crowded pedestrian plaza described him as a gentle soul Friday, shortly after a hearing in which the 22-year-old appeared to laugh while witnesses described the attack.

The Slimes also repeats their complete rewrite fabrication about it being in response to “his revenge on the U.S. government for the deaths of Muslims around the world.” I previously posted the reality here.

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