Iraq Hostages Saved By Kidnappers

Goodness, is there any low those in the Surrender Monkey media won’t sink too? (from the Guardian)

The British hostage Norman Kember and his two Canadian colleagues owe their freedom to a rift among the Iraqi kidnappers, a western security source close to the rescue operation said yesterday.

The source said their guards got cold feet when more senior and ruthless members of the group turned up at the house in Baghdad and took away a fourth hostage, Mr Kember’s American colleague Tom Fox, and shot him dead.

So the hard work and dedication of the British forces involved in the rescue was worthless in the eyes of the Lefties. Makes me sick the way these sycophants act.

And the DUmmies?

I assumed something like this happened  It wasn’t really a rescue – more of a “Saving Private Jessica Lynch” story, since the kidnappers essentially decided to quit the kidnapping. It still made sense to use the form of a military rescue, just in case there was an ambush planned. But, as usual, the propaganda organs of the governments and press wanted to turn it into something that it really wasn’t.

Nuff said!

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