Themes and Comments

After mucho playing, I have given up on getting the popup comments to work on the Johnny Bravo theme. Sigh. At my wits end. Comments will work, but takes you to the actual post. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE help! The “Blogroll Me” won’t even pop up unless you hit it juuuuussssst right.

I know there is mixed response to the Aaaarrrr! theme, but, it seems to be the most stable one, so I have set it as default. I personally like popup comments. JB Blue still works, though.

If you know a cool template with 3 columns that allows the use of a header, I’m all ears. The best other one I have found is based on the Johnny Bravo, so, same issues.

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2 Responses to “Themes and Comments”

  1. Ogre says:

    This one is MUCHO faster in the RSS-feed page — likely because there’s no sidebars when I view it in SharpReader.

  2. I just had enough with the weird actions of the Johnny Bravo. Have to fix the popup comments box for Journalized, though. Little bit smaller.

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