Domestic Spying? Defeatocrats Don’t Know


A top Senate Democrat said Sunday that President Bush should be held responsible if he violated the law in authorizing the domestic spy program. But Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois said it is too early to tell if either censure or impeachment of Bush would be appropriate.

“I can’t rule anything out until the investigation is complete. I don’t want to prejudge it,” said Durbin, the Senate’s No. 2 Democrat. “But if this president or any president violates the law, he has to be held accountable.”

Yes, if he broke the law Bush should be held accountable.

But, Durbin is not just a “top Senate Democrat;” he is the number two Democrat. And here we have him saying that the investigation is incomplete, ergo, they do not have all the necessary information, so, when all the other Defeatocrats are up on their bully pulpits screaming hysterically that Bush broke the law, they are full of cow patties.

So far, no one who claims they were “spied on” without a warrant has been able to provide the proof. Just standard Defeatorcrat hysteria.

“We have a responsibility to ask the hard questions, to find out what the nature of the program is and whether the president violated the law,” Durbin said.

You also have a responsibility to provide President Bush that great American concept, “Innocent till proven guilty,” rather then popping off at the drop of a hat for political benefit at the expense of the USA, the country you profess to love.

Realistically, Durbin was probably just playing a role for the TV audience. Much like Sean Penn has played nice people in the movies at times, while, in real life, he is a violent lib.

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2 Responses to “Domestic Spying? Defeatocrats Don’t Know”

  1. scrapiron says:

    What do you expect from Turbin Durbin, the traitor? I expect the people of Il. to wake up and send his sorry ass packing, is that expecting too much? Probably for people with frozen brains which seems to be the norm in the northern states these days.

  2. I wonder if the Bush haters will wake up and vote the Surrender Monkeys out come 2008 and after?

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