Defeatocrats Love The USA and The Troops?

Is this love?

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That is from the protest in Portland. You can see the rest of the pictures at the Defeatocrat Underground.

How does an upside down Flag show love for one’s country? It is insulting.

The silouette on the flag is of that Abu Ghraid prisoner who was standing on a box with his arms spread. How does that show love for our troops? The Left can say they love the troops but hate the mission, but, they keep showing they hate both.

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2 Responses to “Defeatocrats Love The USA and The Troops?”

  1. scrapiron says:

    The democratic party has some really sick people supporting them. Will I guess from everything that’s came out lately, most of the people in the democtatic party is really sick, and if they aren’t there always someone waiting in Fl. to come up with a new mental illness for them.

  2. Didn’t PEST originate in Florida in 2004? Of course, that was because Defeatocrats still hadn’t learned how to vote properly. It is that whole directions thing.

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