Giving Pirate’s A Bad Name

Realistically, beyond the fun and games, pirates are not good people. Sure, they look cool in the movies, and you can make some great graphics, and have fun going “arrrhhh” and “Avast!” Pirate’s even had a Code they went by back in the 1800’s and earlier. Some were even very smart, and started out as privateers, carrying Letters of Marquis and similar authorizations to raid, pillage and plunder the ships of the enemy, typically either French or British ships. Captain Kidd started out that way.

If you haven’t seen my background info, I use Pirate’s Cove because I went to East Carolina U, know as the ECU Pirate’s, and have always used either Pirate’s Cove or PiratesX as webpage names, heck, since back into the middle 90’s. William Teach derives from Edward Teach, AKA Blackbeard, who operated off the NC coast quite a bit, and William is my true middle name.

But, the pirates of today are bloodthirsy morons. Witness:

US Navy ships killed one suspected pirate and wounded five others when they returned fire on a group of suspected pirates in the Indian Ocean off Somalia, a statement said.

“USS Cape St. George and USS Gonzalez returned fire on a group of suspected pirates in the Indian Ocean, killing one and wounding five,” said the statement by the US Naval Forces Central Command and the Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet.

The two warships were conducting “maritime security operations … when they spotted a suspect vessel towing two smaller skiffs bearing west toward the coast,” it said.

The Gonzalez sent a team to board the suspect vessel and “noticed the group of suspected pirates were brandishing what appeared to be rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers.”

“The suspected pirates then opened fire on the Navy ships. The Cape St. George and Gonzalez returned fire with small arms in self-defense,” the statement said. (empasis mine)

Always a brilliant f’ing idea to open fire on US Navy destroyer.

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One Response to “Giving Pirate’s A Bad Name”

  1. Kerfuffles says:

    TJ and the Barbaries…

    It took a concerted effort by England, France, Spain, and the United States to end over 400 years of Muslim piracy on the Barbary Coast.


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