Ports Deal: A Rovian Conspiracy

See, I wrote last night that the whole DP Ports deal was a big conspiracy to make the GOP Congressional Critters look good. The DUmmies agree:

  • kentuck  Who thinks Bush and Rove planned this whole fiasco ?
  • tech3149  I think unintentionally  It probably started as a plain old globalization business deal. When it became a news story, they used it to allow congress to get all huffy and show they stood up to the WH. What better way to shore up the image of those running in 2006? Never underestimate your opponent.
  • Suich  I’ve been thinking that exact same thing!  Maybe shrub wanted a certain American “entity” to be in charge of the ports in the first place and this was just a way to guarantee it? Something’s fishy…have to wait and see what happens in the next week or so.
  • larissa  Although… Some are speculating it had nothing to do with ’06 and..  …everything to do with Halliburton winding up with the contract in the end. You never know.

Here’s the kicker one:

  • larissa  Beats me.. I just heard the possibility brought up on CNN today..  They didn’t have any info of it actually happening, but one of the Democrats they interviewed today was asked “What happens now if it turns out that Halliburton bids and wins the contract?”

Oh, CNN, huh? Why am I not surprised? Did there happen to be a Conservative to offset the Liberal, fair and balanced, like Fox does? Without seeing, I would bet “No.”

  • BigYawn  It’s becoming clear now….Haliburton will now get the job  Rove figured out if Haliburton got the job
    in the first place there would be resistance.
    Now that congress has rejected Dubai Ports Co.
    the job, there will be minimal resistance as
    Haliburton is awarded the contract.
  • sandrakae  I definitely smell a rat, (check your g-string, honey)

Scary, knowing the Surrender Monkey mind so well.

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