Religion of Pieces Update

Ever wonder why we don’t hear about Christians, Buddists, or tenents of other religions besides Islam doing this kind of stuff?

VARANASI, India (AFP) – An unknown Islamic militant group claimed responsibility for blasts that killed 23 people in India’s holiest Hindu city of Varanasi as grieving relatives cremated victims.

The group Lashkar-e-Kahar told a news agency in Indian Kashmir, where an Islamic revolt is raging against New Delhi’s rule, that it had staged Tuesday’s blasts.

“We have carried out the attacks,” a man identifying himself as Abdul Jabbar, the group’s spokesman, told Current News Service in a telephone call.

He threatened more attacks if “India does not stop atrocities against Kashmiri Muslims”.

So, react to supposed “atrocities” with more atrocities. The Islamic attacks counter on the right sidebar shows over 4400 attacks since 9/11 at the time of writing. And, they show no respect for other peoples religions. Why am I not surprised. Are there any Muslims out there who would like to defend what is done in their religion’s name?

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2 Responses to “Religion of Pieces Update”

  1. scrapiron says:

    You won’t get any defenders from the Islamic world. They are all part of the atrocities commited in the name of their ‘evidently’ phony god.

  2. I cannot disagree. Which is too bad. You might get a little patronizing speech, but that is about it.

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