One Step Beyond!

Found this over at Google Video, for all you people who remember the time when MTV played, well, music video’s 


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6 Responses to “One Step Beyond!”

  1. Yessss! Gotta love Madness! I wonder whatever happened to them?

  2. Ogre says:

    Isn’t MTV the free porn channel? There’s music there when?

  3. joated says:

    I loved MTV when it was a video jukebox. You could leave it on all day and listen/watch. Then they started to playing more and more rap and soon it was special shows. and lots of cr*p. I couldn’t even tell you what channel number it’s on now.

  4. I haven’t watched it in maybe a decade. Never any music, just silly shows. It used to kick ass until maybe 1992 or so.

  5. Romeocat says:

    Oh. My. Gosh! I remember that video!!

    Yup, I miss the real MTV… The original VJays… the Monkees marathons…


    — R’cat

  6. It was revolutionary. Add in the heavy metal videos, which really launched that whole scene.

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