ATT/Cingular Merger: It’s All Bush

There are times when I really just cannot even begin to fathom the Moonbat thought process. Mostly, you have to laugh, sometimes, you have to be scared or freaked out by their potential. At other times, you really have to think that they live in an alternative reality.

Case in point. The ATT/BellSouth merger. This story is highlighted at the HuffPuff. Yet, someone, the Moonbats have to bring Bush into it. Tin Foil Alert! (cue spooky music)

A local monopoly, BellSouth is getting baught by AT&T. My only question is; what did it cost as a bribe of BushCo? I’ll bet a dollar that they now have a new loyalist on their board for $600K a year. Posted by: VitriolAndAngst on March 05, 2006 at 03:26pm

I’ll echo what someone else said: Is this Bush’s legacy of ending deregulation in the making?! Jeez. Posted by: bsheppard on March 05, 2006 at 04:04pm

Remember when AT&T was split up because it was a monopoly? Now we have a gaggle of multinational corporations who are not just monopolies but are ruling the earth as the New World Order. Walmart is the worst of them followed by the Saudi family holdings. Or maybe it’s the other way around, we can’t tell these days because the truth is no longer required. All I know is that the middle class is shrinking while the rich keep getting richer with the amiable assistance of BUSHCO. Our country is becoming fascist before our eyes and our press feeds us stories of sex, violence and fear.
APRIL FIRST is the date when we must take to the streets and tell them that we aren’t going to be fooled any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by: beegee on March 05, 2006 at 04:18pm

Let’s let this one sit in it’s own little excerpt:

The Baby Bells have been suckling at the US government (read taxpayer) teat during this administration, with the blessings of the Bushit Gospel House of Everlasting Greed Church of the Almighty (since they tithe enthusiastically, and shout ‘Halleluyah, Baybee Bushie’ on cue).

Now they’ve grown fat and sassy, and are about to spring into monsterhood, with the benign blessing of the Church of the Burning Bush.

Bushits are and have been extravagantly greedy, but I have a feeling we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

How about we all switch to outsourcing all our wireless services to India, and any non-wireless services to whomever is AT&T/Baby Bell’s competitor, and let them suck, big time, our treat.

Posted by: TDoff on March 05, 2006 at 06:47pm

I think I need tin foil to block the signals after reading that wackadoodle.

Realistically, there won’t be much change, except the probable action of doing away with the BellSouth and Cingular brands in favor of the AT&T logo. Landline and long distance phone service is going down as it is in favor of wireless and internet. Rates will not skyrocket, and, yes, rates for wireline service have gone up since the breakup of the Bell’s. Sorry, they cannot keep 1980’s pricing.

For wireless, there are still the same amount of players. And, there is not that much profit per customer in wireless, at least on the plans. Which is why there have been very few changes over the last couple of years. It is all in extra services, like text messaging, wireless internet, Blackberry, etc.

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