Daily Archives: February 27, 2006

Global Warming Update

First up, Global Warming Is a Misleading Phrase. A climate scientist from San Diego says he wishes that the phrase “global warming” had never been introduced.It’s a misnomer, said Richard Somerville of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, because the effect is broader and more complex than mere elevation of temperatures. It’s misleading because they just […]

Interview Advice

For some of you younger folks out there who are going on a job interview, here are some tips Dress appropriately. When in doubt, over-dress. Your local library will have numerous books on what is appropriate. Show up on time. Show up a bit early. If, for any reason, you are going to be a […]

Coast Guard Report on Intell Gaps

Now, this is the kind of information that can make me change my mind on the Dubai Ports deal: Citing broad gaps in U.S. intelligence, the Coast Guard cautioned the Bush administration that it was unable to determine whether a United Arab Emirates-owned company might support terrorist operations, a Senate panel said Monday. The surprise […]

Hey, Look, Treason

Looks like the moonbats have finally realized that their ideas are so out of touch that they will continue to lose elections that they might as well go whole hog and try insurrection and treason. Because, you know, they are the party of tolerance: “Storm the White House Multi-Day Event, Beginning March 15, come when […]

Ports Deal: Things Change

Via the AFP Saudi security forces killed in intense clashes five men who were hiding in a Riyadh house with a cache of explosives and were linked to a bid to blow up the world’s largest oil-processing plant. The attack on the Abqaiq processing plant in the oil-rich Eastern Province was foiled by security forces […]

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