Daily Archives: February 6, 2006

Burn Down The Metropolitan Museum!

I was actually looking for a good picture of Muhammed and a pig for a photoshop, but, I ran into this painting of Muhammad: "The heavenly journey of the Prophet forms a centerpiece of Muslim piety. Persian poets from the thirteenth century onward prefaced their epics with a colorful description of the miraj, the heavenly […]

Oooh, Look, More Peaceful Muslims (snicker)

Jeez, what else is there to say that hasn’t already been said about the peaceful religion? Hundreds of angry protesters hurled stones and fire bombs at the Danish Embassy in the Iranian capital Monday to protest publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Police used tear gas and surrounded the walled villa to hold back […]

Unhinged Behavior?

I’ll file this one under politics until more info comes out A Maine man faces an assault charge after allegedly punching a political activist at a meeting of Androscoggin County Republicans, Portland, Maine, television station WMTW reported. Police identified the assailant as Bruce Boutilier. The alleged victim was Georgia Chomas, a cousin of U.S. Sen. […]

Cartoonish Violence and Calls For Calm

Via Al Reuters: PARIS (Reuters) – World leaders called for calm on Monday after weekend attacks in which Danish diplomatic missions were set ablaze and Lebanon and Syria promised inquiries into how protests about cartoons of the Prophet turned violent. How they turned violent? Not only has this been building up for weeks now, but […]

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