Daily Archives: February 2, 2006

Those Danish Cartoons

I haven’t really followed the whole Danish cartoons thing, figuring "hey, it’s Europe. They will either cave or their huge population of Muslims will take the place over." But Inkslinger has a pretty good article on the whole issue, and a great take. Go here and read it all.

Question on Themes

I am thinking of moving to a different server, using Worpress. I love Typepad, it is very easy to do stuff. But, I want some other features, like pop-up comments, plus, it would be about half the money. I know squat about CSS and creating themes. I would like to make something similar to what […]

I Thought Everything Was Getting Warmer?

I’m sure that, somehow, global warming caused by Man is the cause The return of a La Nina weather pattern this year will likely mean drought in southern and southwestern U.S. states, government forecasters said on Thursday, adding it was too early to tell if La Nina would also lead to more Atlantic hurricanes in […]

Stop The ACLU: On The Run?

It’s that time again, Stop the ACLU blogburst Thursday. Quite frankly, I do not see anything other then whining "domestic spying" stories in the news about the ACLU, same old same old, so, let’s go to what Jay has to say: This has been a very disappointing period of time for the ACLU.  Two strict […]

Cindy Deserved The Apology

It pains me to write this, but, fair is fair, and Cindy Sheehan deserved the apology for her removal from the Gallery, as did the wife of Congressman Bill Young (R-Fl). “The officers made a good faith, but mistaken effort to enforce an old unwritten interpretation of the prohibitions about demonstrating in the Capitol,” Capitol […]

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