Daily Archives: February 23, 2006

Why You Have A Test Site

Because I just fragged my American Flag backup site, ncdevil.com/afl in a big way. Was trying to change the htaccess file to block hotlinkers, and now get a 500 error. I cannot seem to find the htaccess file, so, buh bye to that site.

Democrats Low On Enthusiasm

From the Washington Times (via Powerline) Democrats, after 11 years as the minority party in Congress, still can’t get it right with their own voters, a poll shows. By objecting to virtually every initiative and proposal of the Bush administration and congressional Republican majority, Democrats are undermining their party’s chances of regaining the majority this […]

Al Gore Running In 2008?

Captain Ed has the FYI on this, via Dick Morris at The Hill. From Dick: Like a completely refurbished “pre-owned vehicle,” Al Gore seems to be positioning himself to Hillary Clinton’s left and as greener than John Kerry for a run at the 2008 Democratic nomination for president. His slogan might well read “reelect Al […]

The UAE Port Deal: Historical

There once was a country that believed themselves above all others. If people were not from their culture, they were gaiden. You could also say infidels or lower life forms. This culture believed in power. They fought among themselves in their various provinces, as well as with their neighbors constantly. They had different religious beliefs.. […]

ACLU Forgets The Rule Of Law

It is simply amazing that a group that is supposed to protect the Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights constantly fails to understand that same document. Obviously, since States, counties, and municipalities have the ability to require permits for things like marches and protests, they have been deemed Constitutional. And well they should: Congress […]

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