Daily Archives: February 22, 2006

Yahoo Mail: Gives It Up To Muslims

So, between the serendipidous commenting between Kerfuffles and myself earlier, I caught this one over there: Thanks to Yahoo’s astute political correctness sleuths, the world of Islamofascism is demanding that all persons surnamed “Callahan” must immediately change their moniker to one that does not offend the supreme being known as “Allah”. Not until this most […]

WTW: The Whole Ports Deal

You know, Teach hasn’t blogged much, well, at all, on this whole UAE ports (non) issue. I guess it has lots of folks on both sides up in arms. I reckon’ maybe we should set down and wait a spell for the information to be released, for a full understanding of the issue. Anyhow, I really fail to […]

WTW: Ogre Has The Goods

  I reckon that Ogre fella has picked up on what more of them Islamofacist wacko’s are doing to show that they are peacefull folks “Person” 1: Hi, are you a Christian? Person 2: Why yes I am. “Person” 1: *BANG* *BANG*   Five Muslim terrorists went door to door in the Philippines doing just that. […]

WTW: Let’s Bomb The Mosque!

Hey, y’all, Jebediah here. Remember them cartoons that the Islamic critters are all up in a tizzy over? Like this one:   You can see all of them over at Michelle Malkin’s. That is what the Islamofacist nutjobs are freakin’ out about. Car-f’ing-toons. Yet, I wonder what they will have to say about this: A […]

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