WTW: The Whole Ports Deal

You know, Teach hasn’t blogged much, well, at all, on this whole UAE ports (non) issue. I guess it has lots of folks on both sides up in arms. I reckon’ maybe we should set down and wait a spell for the information to be released, for a full understanding of the issue.

Anyhow, I really fail to see what the issue is. The ports are all in Blue areas. Other then losing the Liberty Bell and some other historical stuff in Philly, who cares if they go boom?

I’m kidding. Lighten up.

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4 Responses to “WTW: The Whole Ports Deal”

  1. Kerfuffles says:

    Cap’n Teach you’re beginning to sound like that blowhard O’Reilly. The Democrats who are opposing the deal want nothing more than Bush to assign the ports to the only American company that can handle the job – Halliburton. Then they can really be crying bloody-murder – Halliburton!

    BTW – pirate and kerfuffle minds must operate on the same wave-lengths.

  2. Damn. I have to get used to wordpress, where I have to change usernames per post. With Typepad, I had to log in seperately to post as Jebediah Murphy on Wed’s. Woops

  3. scrapiron says:

    I guess the news that Lady Bird Johnson owned a controlling interest in Halliburton changed the dim-wits to supporters of turning management over to them, and folks it is only management. The idiot longshoreman’s union will still spend days doing 15 minutes of work. They’re really scared that the UAE will get full control instead of limited management. If they got full control they would immediately visit all the zoo’s and round up the ‘retarded’ monkeys and within two hours one half trained retarded monkey would replace 10 union longshoremen and the movement of shipments would double.

  4. William Teach says:

    I don’t know what else to say but ROTFLOL!

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