Daily Archives: February 25, 2006

RIP, Don Knotts

Sad news, one of the original funny men, Don Knotts, has died today at the age of 81. Don was a man who believed in clean humor, and he made it work. Who can forget Barney Fife (“nip it in the bud, Andy,) or the Incredible Mr. Limpet? Or Mr Furley on Three’s Company? Did […]

Hail Our Future Rulers-Be Kind

Yup, it is silly Saturday. Link over at Basil’s Blog.

Dems Have No Message, But Do Have Bumper Stickers

The BBC finds a way to repeat some of the tired old cliches of the American Left, but does include this little parting shot at the Dems: The Democrats need a message and a new way of communicating that message to a mass audience. They have neither. And do not be fooled by those who […]

AP Doesn’t Read Polls

In a flowing, gushy editorial, disguised as a story, AP writer Marc Humbert proves he really knows nothing about Hillary, nor about the poll that said only 16% of people would vote for her. Entitled Clinton Campaign Ready For More Then 2006, Humbert slops the praise on.  Six years after battling her way to a […]

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