Stop The ACLU: On The Run?

It’s that time again, Stop the ACLU blogburst Thursday. Quite frankly, I do not see anything other then whining "domestic spying" stories in the news about the ACLU, same old same old, so, let’s go to what Jay has to say:

This has been a very disappointing period of time for the ACLU.  Two strict constructionists appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States.  One of which reviews Supreme Court appeals from the 9th Circus, Justice Alito.  I have a feeling that there will be a lot of cases from the 9th making it to the Supreme Court as well as an increase in the number of reversals nation wide.

Just yesterday, the ACLU released 8 press releases in between their meals of sour grapes and Koolaid.  They can’t get their politicians elected at the ballot box.  Some of those which they have gotten elected are proving impotent due to their lack of any real power in Congress.  But now, the federal judiciary has been taken back by those who actually read what the Constitution says and not trying to look for some hidden meaning.  I don’t believe in the Davinci Code nor do I believe the Constitution says anything other that what is printed in it.

The ACLU usually prefers to stay in the shadows.  They lurk there like criminals waiting to roll some drunk for what little money that he may have.  They send out "advisory letters" which advises that the city or town either comply with their wishes, or they will tie them up in very costly legal proceedings.  And it isn’t so much the fight for what’s right that is important to the ACLU.  No, it’s that big payoff of legal fees reimbursements that will be ordered by the judge.  Taxpayers money going into the hands of this Anti American institution.

I received a letter from my Congressman a few months back in which he tried to assure me that the ACLU does not receive taxpayers money.  Well, my Congressman is wrong.

There exists a little law where the option of requiring the losing party to reimburse the legal fees of the winning party in civil rights cases.  So if the respondent in a civil rights case is the federal government and the government loses, who’s paying the ACLU?  We are, John/Jane Q. Taxpayer is footing that bill.  The same is true on the state and local level.

So the ACLU uses this as a tool to intimidate cash-strapped cities and states to advance their agenda.  For instance, the debate over public celebrations of Christmas.  Every time it’s been actually challenged in court, the ACLU loses.  But yet, if your town puts up a nativity scene in your local park, the ACLU will send an "advisory letter."  So your town will take it down and bow to the will of the mighty ACLU.

The ACLU is a terrorist organization.  They are more powerful than Al Qaeda.  Why do I say that?  Because they use our own laws against us.  They are destroying us from within.  And this is why they are concerned about the NSA eavesdropping program.  Because they know, if we can listen in on Al Qaeda, we can listen in on anyone who is a threat to our way of life.  And that means them too.  That is using their twisted logic anyway.

This is why they are pushing the domestic spying falsehood.  If the NSA were listening in on your conversation with Aunt Mildred getting her cookie recipe, that would be domestic spying.  In this program, on end of the conversation must be either known or suspected Al Qaeda.  And at least one of the parties has to be outside of the United States.  This being true, it cannot be labeled domestic can it?

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