Cartoonish Violence and Calls For Calm

Via Al Reuters:

PARIS (Reuters) – World leaders called for calm on Monday after weekend attacks in which Danish diplomatic missions were set ablaze and Lebanon and Syria promised inquiries into how protests about cartoons of the Prophet turned violent.

How they turned violent? Not only has this been building up for weeks now, but it is pretty much typical of the followers of Mohammad to turn violent, whether in groups or singly. Don’t like it? Riot. Murder an artist. Put a fatwa on the head of a writer. Do you think these journalists are being treated with kid gloves?

One thing not reported till recently is "They damaged the Swedish embassy and tried to storm the French mission but were held off by riot police."

And, apparently, cartoon is now the big word for the AP, even in the business section

Cartoonish violence ruled the day at the annual knockdown competition among advertisers Sunday, as Bud Light, Diet Pepsi, Michelob and Sprint all used physical gags to hawk their wares at the Super Bowl, the most-watched television broadcast of the year.

Michelle M had a post on the 4th regarding the rioting in the ME over the cartoons not being a row. Take a look at it. "Cartoon row." I have to wonder about the use of "cartoonish violence" to depict the Super Bowl commercials (which where actually pretty lame) in relation to the Prophet cartoons. Could this be another case of the media saying "Americans bad!"?

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2 Responses to “Cartoonish Violence and Calls For Calm”

  1. Neddy says:

    It is interesting how things happen – like World War IV beginning over a few cartoons. And even more interesting that the three most blasphemous cartoons of Mohammad that instigated the current rioting months after the original publishing of the Danish ‘toons were “found somewhere” by Danish imams. If truth be know, they were probably created by the Muslim clerics.

  2. Yup. I ran across someone in the ‘sphere who had proof that there were a bunch of fake cartoons.

    Taking one’s religion seriously is a good thing: taking it to the extreme with all the violence and intollerance, like Muslims do, is another.

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