Global Warming Update

First up, Global Warming Is a Misleading Phrase.

A climate scientist from San Diego says he wishes that the phrase “global warming” had never been introduced.It’s a misnomer, said Richard Somerville of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, because the effect is broader and more complex than mere elevation of temperatures.

It’s misleading because they just do not have any hard evidence that Man causes it, the facts do not show it really happening, and now they have to try and cover their asses.

And from India, comes this story. You will have to forgive the poor grammar, it is a somewhat bad translation, not of my doing

Global warming on massive rise due to an exponential rise in underwater volcanoes. The hot methane underwater can cause temperature of the ocean rise very fast. That can be devastating if the trend continues till 2012. First, higher ocean temperature is the breeding ground for cyclones and typhoons. Second, the temperature rise can cause coastal flooding all over the world. The global warming is getting accelerated very fast by the underwater volcanoes.

There you have it, folks. It’s the underwater volcano’s. No Mankind. Of course, the 2012 thing is a little overboard. I’m sure that has happened before.

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