They Just Cannot Move On

Progressive: adj,  moving forward or onward : ADVANCING (Merriam Webster Dictionary).

Yet, the Moonbat wing of the Democratic Party doesn’t seem to be able to move on. They refuse to acknowledge any comments made about Iraq having WMD, refuse to move on from the 2000 election, and are still moonbatting around with the 2004 election. They have hundreds of active threads at the Democratic Underground regarding supposed fraud, yet not one includes the verified Democratic fraud. And, there is always their favorite, Diebold. The loons have this article by the Huff Post on the DU’s front page, proving that they just cannot move on.

 A whistleblower in Los Angeles is in legal trouble and needs our help. Stephen Heller is alleged to have exposed documents in Jan. & Feb. 2004 which provided smoking gun evidence that Diebold was using illegal, uncertified software in California voting machines. The docs also showed that Diebold’s California attorneys (the powerful international law firm Jones Day) had told them they were in breach of the law for using uncertified software, but Diebold continued to use the uncertified software anyway.

 Heller is alleged to have come across these docs while temping as a word processor at Jones Day, and he is further alleged to have taken the docs and exposed them to the bright light of day. Now, after sitting on this for 2 years, the Los Angeles District Attorney, under pressure from Jones Day, is going after this whistleblower with 3 felony charges, each of which carries the potential of time in state prison. Here is a story in the LA Times. Heller’s lawyer believes the 2 year wait to file charges was due to the then-impending 2004 election, and that Diebold and their attorneys didn’t want the information to be made public in the lead up to the election.

Yawn. More insanity. Just another big conspiracy theory, from the “reality based community.” But, wait, it gets better

And the irony is, if Heller is convicted of a felony for exposing Diebold’s crimes against the California voters, he’ll lose his right to vote. Diebold will win. We can’t let that happen!

But we can help. Let’s flood the Los Angeles DA’s office with phone calls, letters and emails asking them not to crucify this whistleblower.

Now of course, BE POLITE. Remember you are writing, calling and emailing the office of the Los Angeles District Attorney, which is a branch of law enforcement. Being harassing, rude, or threatening will only get you in legal trouble of your own, and it won’t help Steve Heller, the whistleblower. (emphasis mine)

How sad is it that moonbats have to be reminded to be polite? Not that this would be anything new from the party of tolerance foam flecked violence and invective. I suppose that conspiracies about hacked voting machines is more popular that realizing that their ideas just are not very good. People did not vote for John Kerry’s platforms in 2004. They voted against George Bush.

But, hey! We appreciate the comedy, and will enjoy the wins in 2006 and 2008. Bush will not be running. What will the Liberals have? “A litany of complaints is not a plan.”

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