Ever Read Ted K’s Site?

Under his "legislative agenda"


To fight a more effective war on terrorism we must keep our eye on the real threats, we must strengthen our intelligence community, and we must protect our nation by supporting our law enforcement and first responders.
What’s missing? I you figure that out, it will tell you lots about the way Kennedy thinks re. protecting our Nation.
I’m sure that by "keep our eye on the real threats," Ted is referring more to Bush and Republicans then to Islamic terrorist groups, as well.
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2 Responses to “Ever Read Ted K’s Site?”

  1. Beth says:

    Did you ever notice how these crazed moonbats always have some ‘tough on terror’ kind of thing in campaign and other site material, when in REALITY they support (indirectly, at least) them? So they KNOW people want and expect them to be tough on terror, and know that’s the right thing to say (and DO)–yet they still act like the dhimmi traitors that they are. Kennedy and those like him are total low-life liars. SCUM.

  2. I have yet to come across any Dem Congress Critter site that mentions anything other then lip service to stopping terrorism. Except Zell. Most of them forget to mention the military.

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