Dems Sued On MLK Day For Racism

Ok, well, not really. The lawsuit was filed back in 2004

[ Seattle , January 3, 2005 ] On December 10th 2004 , inner-city minister, Rev Wayne Perryman, – filed a class action Reparation lawsuit (in the United States District Court in Seattle Case No. CV04-2442), alleging “that because of their racist past practices the Democratic Party should be required to pay African Americans Reparations.�? Perryman said “he based his case on the research that he gathered during the past five years while writing the three editions of his latest book: (click here to view in pdf format)

Funny how this never made it on to CNN, MSNBC, cBS, etc, nor the other Exempt Media channels. I had to read about this from an Aussie blog, Evil Pundit of Doom (still probably one of the 10 best names for a blog I have seen) who linked to the story over at Bob Parks Black & White, where Bob asks "Will CNN and the MSM cover this…?" The answer would be NO.

Back to Rev. Perryman:

In his 100-page brief, Perryman concludes that the past racist policies and practices that were initiated against African Americans by the Democratic Party – were no different than the policies and practices that were initiated by the Nazi Party against the Jews. In both situations millions of lives were destroyed (physically, mentally and economically).

In his brief, Perryman told the court:

*That in an effort to impede and or deny African Americans the same constitutional rights afforded to all American citizens, the Democratic Party established a pattern of practice by promoting, supporting, sponsoring and financing racially bias entertainment, education, legislation, litigations, and terrorist organizations from 1792 to 1962 and continued certain practices up to 2002.

Ah, no wonder the Exempt Media will not cover this. They are 90% Democrats themselves. Some of what Perryman shows is:

  • Democrats opposed the Abolitionist
  • Democrats supported slavery and fought and gave their lives to expand it
  • Democrats supported and passed the Fugitive Slave Laws of 1793 & 1854
  • Democrats supported and passed the Missouri Compromise to protect slavery
  • Democrats supported and passed the Kansas Nebraska Act to expand slavery
  • Democrats supported and backed the Dred Scott Decision
  • Democrats supported and passed Jim Crow Laws
  • Democrats supported and passed Black Codes
  • Democrats opposed educating blacks and murdered our teachers
  • Democrats opposed the Reconstruction Act of 1867
  • Democrats opposed the Freedman’s Bureau as it pertained to blacks
  • Democrats opposed the Emancipation Proclamation
  • Democrats opposed the 13th , 14th, and 15th Amendments to end slavery, make black citizens and give blacks the right to vote
  • Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1866
  • Democrats opposed the Civil Right Act of 1875 and had it overturned by U.S. Supreme Court
  • Various Democrats opposed the 1957 Civil Rights Acts
  • Various Democrats argued against the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Acts
  • Various Democrats argued against the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Acts
  • Various Democrats voted against the 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act

Oooh, that doesn’t look good, does it? Now, this is nothing that most Republicans do not already know, mostly. Realistically, it tends to be Democrats who bring up Reparations, so, Rev. Perryman is correct in that the Democrats should pay them, being that it was their Party who contributed the most to keeping Blacks down.

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